Copper Mould Tubes Copper Mould Tubes Copper Mould Tubes

Our mould tubes and plates are made from the highest grade raw materials using pure metal.

Moulds are produced through advanced high-speed CNC machining centers, that can efficiently machine copper mould tubes and plates of virtually any size to precise specifications. The precision high-speed machining technology allows us to accurately and quickly machine the complex contours and profiles required by many designs while holding extremely tight tolerances.

   Copper Mould Tubes
Copper Mould Tubes   

Continuous product development, improved production processes in modern factories and extensive experiences in product design and manufacturing have combined to make us an international success.

Every phase of the mould tube producing system is highly monitored and closely controlled.

We provide strong after sales support through our team of engineers to ensure best performance for you.

Our mould tubes are known for their superior performance in even the most demanding applications.


During steel solidifying, there might be an air gap between the steel strand and the mould inside wall, which will reduce the thermal conduction of steel. In order to minimize the formation of such air gap, the taper of mould should be properly designed to follow the shrinkage curve to the maximum extent. Thus, different taper designs have been provided, such as single, double, triple or multi-taper or parabolic taper depending on factors such as steel grade, casting speed, cooling condition etc.

   Copper Mould Tubes
Copper Mould Tubes   


Chrome plating is furnished to the inside wall of copper mould tube so as to increase the wear resistance and improve the service life of the tube. Chrome Coating thickness of around 0.10mm is recommended.