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Copper Mould Used In Steel Billet Casters

Copper Mould Tubes are the most essential part of a Continuous Casting Machine. These help in solidifying Liquid Metal in Continuous Casting Machine for producing Steel Billets.

Copper Moulds are situated in the heart of continuous casting machine. Mould requires extreme high thermal-conductivity and high strength. The molten steel will be formed into a certain shaped steel billets immediately after it passes through the copper tube.

Molten metal is tapped into the ladle from furnaces.

From the ladle, the hot metal is transferred via a refractory shroud (pipe) to a holding bath called a tundish.

Metal is drained from the tundish through another shroud into the top of an open-base copper mold.

Thus Quality for Copper Moulds is of prime importance.

Besides basic function of shaping and solidifying the steel strand, copper mould tube is of great influence on the economics of continuous casting lines. Not only the cost, service life of copper mould tube and quality of cast product are also considered as important factors by the users. Therefore, suitable mould design as well as study of continuous casters and working conditions is making stringent demands on the manufacturers.

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